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Couldn’t buy eyelashes cuz I’m under 18. Had no ID on me

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My 14 year old Grandaughter was not allowed to purchase £2 eyelashes (glue not provided) at Superdrug without ID, even though I was with her and my daughter offered to pay they still refused.However she was allowed to purchase a hair dye ( not for her but for her mum) without ID.Hence we left the shop and left whatever we were going to buy on the counter.So they lost 3 sales
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I think they worried I might sniff the glue ?

Im a student working at Primark and we are told that we HAVE to id you if you look under 16 when buying lashes or nails when you’re on your own. It’s because the glue is so strong that it can hurt your skin/damage it if it’s used improperly.