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Just because you don't understand it or it plays or it challenge's your own beliefs triggering insecurities, does not make it an embarrassing question. On the contrary what it actually shows is you don't understand the leave arugement!

Unfortunately I know the leave arugement has been explained to you by various posters and everytime, ignore the text and cast them xenophobic, racist, uneducated or stupid - ab hominem attacks. I don't belive this is because you lack the intellect to comprehended I belive it is because misinterpret you're political beliefs as right or wrong subjects in a black/white manner which triggers insecurities and you feel you must defend at all costs or in your mind are somehow a failure, this is why you are the only person on my ignore list.

If you take nothing else away from me take this, think about it! Just because you deem a person a political enemy does not mean that person is less intelligent than you. But bigger than that it doesn't mean just because they are you're political enemy you cannot agree with them on certain issues. If you learn that you will have far superior insight into politics, but also if you choose man management career path will help you're career also.

Good day and good luck.
The harder you try to sound intelligent or show that you understand the issues or to present a cogent argument - the more it seems to demonstrate the opposite. You may be completely capable within your comfort zone (wherever that is), but you are clearly out of your depth here. I'm sure that everything you say sounds reasonable and convincing in your head but something is certainly lost in translation.

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