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I'm gay and 18, I work in a cafe and have done for 18 months, when I first started I met a guy called Luke, I didn't fancy him to begin with but overtime things developed. I'm shy, quiet and a bit like a mouse, in a working environment it's best to keep professional. I would NEVER overstep the mark, I kept things with Luke as a friendship and would never have the guts to ask him out.

After a shift a few months back, we were chatting and not in a subtle way he changed the conversation and told me he was into girls. I got home and felt the conversation was a little off and I messaged him that night, he told me he was straight and making things clear. I never expressed my sexuality to him, or did anything to result in this being said.But took it on the chin.

After this Luke started investing in me more and more, interacting with me more at work, messaging me at ridiculous times of the morning, contacting me about shows and films I was seeing with mates and tagging me in his Facebook posts.

I messaged him and said that I felt he liked me more than a friend via his actions and he was suffocating me with constantly communicating with me and copying what I was doing.
He went on the defensive and told me he was highly invested in women and not gay, and he would never swing that way.

Over the years I've seen loads and I mean loads of posts from people he knew in his past questioning his sexuality,loads of Facebook posts about him being in the closet, but again this is speculation.

Several times I've been on his facebook, and unfriended him because of this, I removed him and weeks later he sends me a friend request at 1.15am in the morning, asking me too why i deleted him, but again I want a distance between us.

Yesterday I went into work and a supervisor told me that Luke had told her everything , said that Luke wants a friendship with me only and she felt Luke may have unintentionally gave me the wrong impression via his actions. (again this has all stemmed from his acknowledgement he is straight) like I never asked....

To me this has been blown way out of proportion. His actions and behaviour to me have been overkill and I think he does like me more than he's letting on.
The supervisor told me that Luke was worried he upset me in some manner and we need to resolve this, which is fair enough, However, numerous colleagues know about this in the cafe , as I've had whispering and constant looks from several girls in the workplace so Luke would have told these girls this as the supervisor would't be allowed too.
I'm upset he has clearly gone bragging about this matter to others.
How do i proceed, do I contact Luke via message and ask why he has shared this info with other people or do I just cease the friendship and block him off facebook again???
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I would look for another job. You shouldn’t have to, but I can’t see things becoming less awkward. I would be slightly worried about stalking etc in this case. He seems a bit unhinged and he has no idea how to behave appropriately.
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