GCSE - How should I revise and what to revise

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Hello everyone,

Thank's for viewing this page, I'd just like some guidance on what I should be revising, I am in Y-10 with 6 week holiday coming up soon. I will then be in year 11 with the clock ticking to my exams. My subjects are Maths, English and Science.

My grades in Maths English and Science are around 3-4, due to I have not made the effort in Y8-Y9 which has caused me to be in the lower-sets, however I am going to invest my time into four hours/day in year 11 to try come out on top at the end. I just want to know, should I go over the curriculum for each of these subjects, and cover everything and how should I revise, should I revise multiple topics a day, or just one? How should I plan my week.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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First of all wow, you're very ahead of this I'm not going to lie but that's a good thing if you want the highest grades! I'm in Y12 now so did my GCSEs last year and ended with all 8/9 in my numbered subjects, and I ended up doing a 1-2hr study session 2-3 times a week in the beginning, so don't put too much pressure on yourself! I'm not saying your targets for revision hours are unreasonable but they will certainly be tiring and if you aren't able to keep them up it will feel like a defeat. Personally I would recommend starting with 30 mins a day and build it up, just getting used to consistent studying can help a lot so that by the time you're in mocks time you're ready to do 3-4 hrs a day.

In terms of what to do with your revision, I would always recommend looking at the specification for each of your subjects. It's essentially a massive list of all the things that you are expected to know from your exam, separated by topic (As an example, the AQA Maths spec: https://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resourc...00-SP-2015.PDF). To effectively use them you'll need to know your exam board but your teachers will know these if you don't. From there I recommend working your way down the list, a good start is identifying what you've covered already and what you haven't. Then cross out all those that you're confident on, perhaps create a rating system such as red - No idea, orange - remember but could do looking over, green - remember everything and going through the ones you don't know. I highly recommend flash cards with a question on one side (e.g What is the equation for photosynthesis) and answers on the other as they'll be useful in your final GCSE too!

Finally, I would recommend focusing on the subject you're most worried about or feel like you have the lowest grade on. In a week, try to cover all 3 at some point is possible, to vary your timetable and prevent you from getting bored of a subject. As for topics, don't pressure yourself in to finishing one topic in one go, some topics are insanely longer than others (See: Genetics in AQA GCSE Biology) so that won't always be possible. Instead just set small achievable goals for each revision session, look ahead in the text book for example and say "I want to revise and make notes on topic 6 up to page 30" as a completely random example.

Sorry for the insanely long message but I hope this helps! Good luck and feel free to ask me any more questions

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