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What is a Tier 4 Visa and How Do I Apply for One?

This weeks ‘International Students Guide to studying in the United Kingdom’, will cover Tier 4 visa’s and how to apply for them. If you are coming to study at a University and you are a non-UK/EU student, you will likely need a visa before you travel. Without this, you will not be able to enter the country to begin your studies.

What is a Tier 4 visa?

A Tier 4 (General) student visa is a point-based visa for students studying on a full-time programme for longer than 6 months. You need to score 40 points to be eligible for a visa. 30 of these points are awarded for having a valid CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies), and 10 points are awarded for holding the required maintenance funds, which is your course fees and living costs.

What is a CAS number and how do I get one?

A CAS is a unique 14 digit long reference number, provided to the University by the UKVI via an online database, when we have provided them with information about you, and your intended studies. Before a university can proceed with a CAS request, you need to have met all the universities requirements. For specific details visit the university’s website to find out their requirements.

When should I apply?

You can make an application up to 3 months before your course starts. Please note that the time it takes to process a visa application can vary depending on the time of year, and you can find visa processing times on the UKVI website. If your CAS is issued less than 3 weeks before the start date of your course, we recommend that you use the priority application service to ensure that you have your visa in time and before the start of your course.

How do I make the application?

You need to complete the online visa application form. After you have submitted your online application, you will need to make an appointment at the Visa Application Centre nominated on your application.

The following frequently used terms will help you to understand the terminology used in the application process:

  • UKVI - UK Visas and Immigration
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) - This is a unique reference number generated for you after details about you and your course have been given to the UKVI. You need will need this CAS number to apply for entry clearance or an extension to your visa.
  • Entry Clearance - This is the term used for permission to enter the UK.
  • Leave to enter – This is permission to enter the UK which is granted by an immigration officer at a port of entry (the maximum leave granted is six months).
  • Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) - Is the member of staff working at the British diplomatic post overseas who is responsible for granting entry clearance.
  • Leave to remain - This is permission to extend your stay longer in the UK following the initial period of time granted with the entry clearance.
  • Visa national - Is someone who must have entry clearance before travelling to and entering the UK for any purpose.
  • VAC - Visa Application Centre

For more guidance on Tier 4 visa’s and the application process, please follow the link.


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