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(Original post by PeteM01)
Is she independently wealthy? If not, she will need to marry well. Oxford must be a nightmare on a lecturer's salary!
(Original post by RichE)
The vast majority of Oxford faculty aren't "independently wealthy". (Though, yes, Oxford house prices are pretty insane, and colleges have to find ways to incentivize new faculty to move there.)
They are in a far better position than lecturers at Brookes!

The two main constraints on living costs in Oxford are accommodation and childcare. Otherwise it is relatively easy to live cheaply as a young professional in a city geared around providing to students. Moreover, the colleges subsidise meals for academic staff.

The wealthier colleges have no shortage of accommodation for low cost rental to academics and that is a big difference between colleges. That is fine so long as the academic is still moving from post to post.

The difficulty comes with taking a permanent position because the entry level for property purchase in Oxford is so high. There is also a certain amount of location snobbery in the University which tends to rule out some of the cheaper areas.The scouts have to mop up the spilled port if someone announces they are moving to Greater Leys or Didcot. The permanently upwards trajectory of house prices does however mean that colleges are willing to look at shared equity schemes as part of their investment portfolio. Money is rarely lost on investing in the Oxford property market.

Childcare is an all together different matter. The demand, even for the facilities limited to those connected with the university, vastly exceeds the supply. There is a lot of demand from parents with London salaries living in Oxford. The same factors mean that education can be surprisingly difficult in a city stuffed with good state and independent schools.
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Thank you nulli, that has answered quite a few questions I didn’t actually ask!

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