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Hello i need help for GCSE Any advice you can give thanks
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Hi there, first of all, what help do you need? Are you struggling with a specific subject? Is the work overload stressing you out?

I'm assuming you're going into year 11 at the end of the summer holidays, I would advise creating a revision timetable so you can structure your revision. Aim to complete at least 3/4 different subjects within the day. With each subject being an hour long, however, please do have breaks within that hour session. Use the 'Pomodoro technique' if this will help you keep on track with your revision. After completing an hour of effective revision have a longer break and then go onto a new subject. You can always go onto that subject later on in the day if you want to. (you don't have to of course)

Secondly, begin to make revision notes / mind maps for when you begin year 11. This will make the revision process so much easier. Even if you create all the flashcards for paper 1 biology, that's great! As long as they are a good source of vision, this will aid you in revision. And you'll feel more confident when you complete pre examinations and/or mocks. Please don't rush your revision though, remember it's quality rather than quantity. There's no point in creating lots of revision aids if you're unable to use them for your exams in 2020.

I hope this helps, try not to panic over GCSEs, after all their just tests to prove your understanding of that course. Good luck!

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Hello i need help for GCSE Any advice you can give thanks

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