I want to start an Apprenticeship, but I also want to go to University.

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This is a tough one for me. I've recently been offered an apprenticeship as an IT Infrastructure Technician. With IT being a future career path for me, this is something that interests me. However, I also really want to go to University. I've been offered a place in a sixth form near me (a very good one, actually) however I feel like with IT/Comp Sci. and education, everything is sugar coated to some perfect exam world and I want some real world experience in IT, not just textbook reading and studying. The apprenticeship is only 12 months and I'd receive Microsoft Credited qualifications which is great. I'd also be on a very nice salary (for my age) as well as be gaining work experience.

My question is, after this apprenticeship what can I do next to try and get into Uni? My GCSE grades are good (Looking at 8s in Business + CompSci) as well as a 6 in most subjects. I know College is the "traditional" route to take and will almost certainly get me into Uni (regarding I ace my A-Levels) but I don't want to spend another 2 years studying. My first thought was to take this apprenticeship and then go to college after - so I get a break from education allowing me to get some real world experience. Has anyone ever done anything similar? This is my future I'm playing with, and I don't want to make any decisions unless I'm sure.

Or, another alternative for me was to do some sort of studying in parallel. In the job I'd be doing, I'd have a lot of spare time and my employer has said he's happy for me to crack on with my own studying in the mean time. What sort of online courses could I take to get a headstart on things?

Appreciate people reading, could really do with some advice. For reference, I've just finished Year 11 & I am awaiting my GCSE results.
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You could do the apprenticeship and study an AS level part time at college in the evening? It would involve hard work and dedication but would show any university/future employer how committed you were. I've said AS level as you say the apprenticeship is only 12 months long - hopefully it would lead to the next level apprenticeship after that but 12 months would be long enough to get an AS level - or you could ask about studying an A level in a year (very hard work!)

Apprenticeships are hard to come by and give you a real insight into that arena of work - check with the college but I am pretty confident that, even if you took a year on an apprenticeship and then applied to college, as long as you started the course before you turn 19 (which you will), it is classed as "free".

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