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It's that time of year again!

AS results day often feels a bit forgotten about amongst everything else going on, but for the people receiving them it can be huge. Deciding what and where to study at university, what your predicted grades will be like, how hard your year 13 is likely to be, if you just want to start A levels again; it can all feel like it's resting on this. The new A level changes only compound this confusion so in this thread we'll cover the main problems you're likely to encounter.

We'll be around all day and beyond to answer and questions you have about your results and next steps. You might also want to have a look at include the AS and A2 countdown thread, the grade boundaries thread and post your AS results. There is also didn't do as well as you hoped? but hopefully you won't be needing that!

What do my results mean?

This depends entirely on which AS levels you sat. Your results are likely to be a combination of three things:
  • New AS levels: Not all schools/colleges will be entering students for these, but if they did then you'll get the results as you would have done before. The difference is it's now a stand-alone qualification- the exams you sat this time won't have any affect on your overall A level. You'll do another paper next year with the 'AS' content in that goes towards that.
  • Internal exams: If you didn't do any of the new AS exams then you probably did these instead. You might have already had these results or schools may be waiting for official grade boundaries if you sat the official AS papers for this year. Don't worry though, they're just so you can see how you're doing and don't count towards your A level results next year.
  • Old AS levels: (Resits only) If you sat these, you either are gaining just an AS in the subject, or have also sat the full A level modules also, which the AS will count towards.

The results sheet itself will look similar to your GCSE sheet. The only exception is that the new AS levels don't have a UMS mark (the same as new GCSEs). These have now been phased out as all exams for a qualification are sat in one period, so don't need to be scaled to make them even. Old AS levels will still have UMS.

Will I get a certificate?

Again this depends on which exams you sat. If it is a new AS qualification you will get a certificate, probably around November or December. If you took an old AS level exam one whether or not you get a certificate depends if your school requests one but it's likely you will. Finally, if your exams were internal you will not get a certificate.

Can I or should I resit my exams?

In the new system, if you want to resit an exam you must resit the whole qualification. As there is now only one exam season per year this would have to be in the following May or June, alongside your other A level exams (assuming you are currently in year 12). As you will be taking lots of other exams around the time which are worth a lot more, the general advice would be that this is probably not worth it - that's up to you though. If you no longer feel up to taking the subject to a full A level some schools/colleges will offer you to take the AS instead. Talk to your school/college if you would like this option.

What do my results mean for university?

Universities are aware that different schools and colleges are dealing with new AS levels differently. Which system your school is using should not disadvantage you, although having an AS consistent with your predicted grades can back up your teacher's predictions.

In terms of your results, use them to your advantage. Make sure you apply to a range of universities that reflect your results - whilst it's good to have an aspirational choice, you need to have backup options too. Look beyond the league tables and where it is that's right for you. You'll need to put down any formal results you've had on your UCAS application as well as the exams you'll be taking next year, but your teachers will be giving you predicted grades too, whether you have formal results or not. This can be a lifesaver if you didn't do as well as you hoped but remember that whilst they're trying to help you, they do also need to be able to evidence that you're capable of the grades they're predicting so don't expect anything too much higher. The exception to this is if your results were affected by extenuating circumstances of some kind, which should be explained in your reference.

When you're ready to find out more about applying to uni see the TSR guides here. In the mean time, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Where can I find more information?

Loads of places! There's this thread, and several others made by our team, plus Applications, Clearing and UCAS, and A-levels. Look out for people with the red 'Clearing and Applications Advisor' title members.

Whatever your results, remember that, however it feels like right now, it is not the end of the world. There are always many paths to get to where you want to end up, and there will be many people who were in your situation in the past that it turned out well for, including people on our team. Try to stay calm and talk to people about what's going on, whoever it may be. Most importantly, good luck, and we're all here if you need :hugs:
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Now we've gotten to the actual day, just giving this a quick bump!

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