ADULT GCSE - Advise from someone who has done it :)

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So, I am what you would call a 'mature student' (ha).
I left school at 14 so did not even choose GCSE subjects let alone study them.
So I have decided to go back to school and take my GSCE in English and Math so that I am able to do an undergrad degree next year. I have not studied in 13 years and have absolutely no idea what to expect. I enrol at the end of August on an adult learner course.

What do you do in GCSE's? I know younger students in school study for 2 years.. my courses are one year.

So here are the really stupid questions :
Am i studying the same GCSE as Secondary school student (is the paper work, text books etc. the same?
How do I revise and when?
Will I need to do homework?
Will I have to do course work ( I dont even know what this is)?
What is included in course work, how do you do it? is it a presentation? Essay?
Will I have loads of study materials?
Do I need to buy a laptop for GCSE?
Do I need ring binders or lever arch folders?
How much actually goes into GCSE?

Anything else you can possible think of that might prepare me for this would be highly appreciated.

I am currently a manager at my company, god knows how I got here with no GCSE and no understanding of what is involves to get one!

UPDATE - I have decided to do Functional skills and applied for my undergrad degree for Jan 2020!
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I cant answer for GCSE, but because my mum had me so young she left her a levels with no level 3's. She went back at 30 to study higher access and she had quite alot of work to do, needed to have her own equipment ect. And there was homework sort of she had was research and mini assignments, I suppose it will depend on what GCSE's you are taking or if they are functional skills instead. I think some have coursework which will be worth up to 60% of the grade and some are just exams at the end so you need to contact your place of learning to ask for full breakdown of that information ie - what topics you are studying, weekly contact hours, assessment breakdown. And remember if after you are looking at level 3-level 6 you can learn on open university instead of having to go to a normal uni which is super expensive.

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