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So my exam board is edexcel and I need to know all the formulae that aren't given in the booklet. I can think of a few at this moment (like trig identities such as tanθ = sinθ/cosθ) but I need them all for Core, Stats & mechanics.. (both AS & A-Level).
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There's no list, really. There are very few formulae not in the booklet that are worth trying to rote-learn.
First thing that comes to my mind is \sec^2 x \equiv 1 + \tan^2 x and \csc^2 x \equiv 1 + \cot^2 x, and \cos^2 \theta + \sin^2 \theta \equiv 1.
I never bothered learning the formula to find the equation of a straight line given a co-ordinate and gradient, it's something you can figure out easily enough.
Logarithm rules aren't given in the formula book
The nth term of sequences aren't given, but summations are. Again, doesn't matter if you don't know - if you really need to you can derive them.
Oh, chain rule and product rule for differentiation need to be learnt.
There are double angle formulae, but you're given the addition formulae already anyway. If you do enough practice you'll end up memorising them anyway.
No formulae you need to learn for stats. It's all in the formula book if you look far enough.
None for mechanics either, they give you suvat. Everything else should be pretty basic knowledge, e.g. F = ma, velocity being the time derivative of displacement.

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