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On the bus yesterday, while hyping myself up for my exam, I realised that whatever happened in the exam hall, whether I fail or pass, I really don't want to go to my chosen University anymore. It has nothing to do with the grades required, or the course, or me being pessamistic - it's the university itself.

I applied to study Education & English, Keele being my firm and De Montfort being my insurance, but I've heard so much negativity all around from teachers and students alike about Keele to make me change my mind. What do I do? I'm taking a gap year, so I can re-apply, but what's the process? I don't want to go to my insurance that much (it's my insurance for a reason), and I wouldn't even mind if other universities give me the same offer or higher (even though 320 is a ***** already), but where do I go from here?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Well seeing as you applied there I expect you know the basics, but Keele is different from most other universities in that situated in the countryside miles away from the nearest town. My brother's there and he really likes it as he's not into clubbing and likes all the greenery.

I guess the negativity would come from students who went there without knowing what to expect and subsequently don't like it. They've also got a greedy vice chancellor who gave herself a 31.7% pay rise. But academically it's much better than De Montfort - even though you should treat league tables with a pinch of salt there is still a massive gap, Keele's in 54th and De Montfort in 97th out of 113

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