Msc Engineering with management(KCL) or Manufacturing System Engineering with Mag(UoW

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Hello Guys,

I have just received an unconditional offer from KCL and UoW for this 2019 entry, the courses are a bit different but i wanna your thoughts about which one would you pick? in terms of prestige, employment, domestic/internal rankings

The courses are:

KCL, MSc Engineering with Management
UoW,MSc Manufacturing System with management

If you wanna really help me out you can check it from their website for additional information

Personally i like both, UoW has a good both international and domestic reputation and as I Hardware and software engineering graduated from Coventry university I like the nature of the course which is more into manufacturing environment. WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) has really nice facilities too and seems that UoW is one of the most targeted university in the world. On the other hand, I feel that the KCL brand has a more prestige, especially internationally but I am quiet confuse of how to check properly according to subject, but as overall ranking KCL is rocking. I believe that being in London i might have even good opportunity for internship. What I am not sure its which course can provide me a better career, as at the moment I am not enjoying programming all day.

Please leave your thoughts! thanks

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