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I'm probably closest to my best male friend out of everyone - except my very immediate family. We do have a strange relationship though. We're very similar in a strange way.

When we're together at college we spend most of our time together - talk about anything and I think he keeps me on my feet in a way; reminds me what I believe and my values, morals etc. We flirty joke, spend loads of time alone and can talk about almost anything. We understand each other and don't really judge each other. There was a time when I feared losing him so much that I almost convinced myself I loved him... which I suppose, in a way, I do. We'd never be anything more than just a platonic couple though - or like someone else said, we're like an old married couple. We bicker but under it all we understand each other and would never fall out for too long.

However, outside of college I barely see the guy which is very odd considering we've been friends for like 7 years. He's the kind of guy that's very family-orientated and even his closest friend - me, he barely sees outside college. I dunno how that will change now that college has finished for good and we're off to different unis. I'd hate to lose him - he's a huge part of who I am and vice versa. We're just both the kind of people that are lazy and don't really instigate keeping in touch.

Strange friendship we have . He's one of the only guys I know that I could completely trust if alone with or compromised or something that he wouldn't try anything on with me. And that's lovely.

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