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I just came around with this feeling again...from another thread... "holiday fling do i keep in touch" mainly because it sparked other feelings like when I make friends with people on hiliday...I need them as a friend more than they need me...they would probably not think about keeping in touch...same with when I'm in a work place...

Another feeling is with girls...I always get the feeling that girls dont even want to be friends after dates...some do but others dont...well they say yeah keep me on facebook but nothing else happens...the talking of oh email me email me goes...she had a line of men like in her diary for dates....but you cant go from "is it strange I am looking at how you get to mine on the train" and "I cant believe you went offline at 11pm" to ah only on 5 mins gotta bo bye...even before meeting.

Anyway how many girls make friends because they like the company rather than making friends just for the sake of it?
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Are these people ignoring you, or have you yet to be the first to get back in touch? If you're the one that needs them, then you really do have to be proactive and always write the first email/comment. Even if times are awkward and it's been a while, I've found that starting a random conversation over IM always goes somewhere, just so long as you have something interesting enough to keep them there for more than five minutes.

How would you say these online chats and your dates have gone? Have you been smiling as you type things, or thinking about the dates long afterwards?

I don't really understand your last question -- surely 'friends just for the sake of it' aren't really friends?
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Hey, you have to consider all the factors, if you keep a conversation the same as it always is like "hey, how are you", "fine me to, wa u up 2?" it becomes boring simply because it is on the internet! you need to spice it up a little bit, "keep the fire burning" if you seem to be repeating every time someone comes online life ends up being like that! Maybe have a random explosion in a conversation of being randomly funny, or talk about something you wouldn't normally talk about, or even make a little joke for example, "what came first the chicken or the egg?" an when every one is going on about it was the chicken, no it was the egg, crack one in saying "your all stupid it was adam and eve" i don't no make it a little different to usual basically you will get a better response from people!

If its people meeting from big distances you have to consider expense and jobs/school factors and everything else, some people may wanna stay with people that live in the vicinity of them, maybe you say facebook, filter your search to your local area and make closer friends, you may notice a dramatic difference, i have friends in manchester but i live in liverpool i see them a few times a year and have a ball every time i see them, but that is life just relax and take a step back on life, slow things down a little bit and it tends to make sence to you a little bit more.

Anyways i hope i helped xx good luck (Y)

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