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Applied for general/mechanical engineering courses and got to oxford interview stage (MAT only 50 though) and was so nervous I couldn't do their fairly simple questions I know I could have under less stress. Got rejected from Imperial w/o interview as well.

Was predicted (and have now achieved) 4 Advanced highers (AAAA) in maths, maths with mechanics, physics and chem which is the most anyone in my school achieved this year. Should I reapply next year for Cambridge and Imperial or just settle for Uni of Glasgow MEng. Keep in mind I won't need to pay tuition fees for 4/5 years of my degree.

Thanks for any opinions that might help me make a decision
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I am from Scotland as well. I am starting general engineering at Cambridge this October.
Did the exact same subjects as you for AH. Well done on the 4As! For Cambridge, they will be expecting some A Band ones within your grades. My offer was 2A1s and 2As. So would be great to have around that if you are applying. If you are carrying a lot of A1s it really does increase your chance of success, so I'd probs recommend reapplying if that were the case.
1) If you go for Glasgow would you be starting 2019? Cuz for Cambridge/Imperial, you'll have to wait until 2020. So up to you if you want to wait an extra year.
2) I see you have done mechanics. This will be REALLY beneficial for the Cambridge engineering assessment, ENGAA, again increasing your chances of success.

Overall, I think if you really really have the desire to go to cam/imp next year, (and you have a good personal statement which is very academic, as well as the grades i mentioned above) then you stand a very good chance of getting in. But if fees are more important, then Glasgow is the better choice, and it is a very reputable university as well.
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Hi Could you please give me advice as well as I’m thinking of applying to engineering science at oxford and mechanical engineering at imperial or 2021, I’m also going doing the same AH’s that you did
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