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(Original post by suuuuuuseh)
It's worth noting that if you do want to try for special consideration, you'll have to get it all sorted relatively quickly. You need to apply for each subject separately, and all applications need to be made within 7 days of the last exam in each series. You won't find out if your application has ben successful or not, and the maximum you'd gain would only be about 1-2%. You've said you don't like "hand-outs" though, so I'm not sure how keen you'd be to get it. I was in a similar situation this year; I had to keep going to hospital throughout my exams for tests to see if something's wrong, so I wasn't all that focused on revision. In the end I decided not to go for special consideration though, because I think it's hard to quantify being ill/stressed etc. and I'd feel a bit like I was cheating if they just added on a few extra marks for something which is pretty unmeasurable. It's slightly different for you though, because you're doing A2s, so a few (deserved) marks could make the difference between getting your university place or not, whereas I can always resit next year.

It's a completely personal decision, essentially, but you're not alone and there are several options. Hope it all works out! :hugs:
they don't just chuck you a number of extra marks- they are given a lot of information about your predicted scores and then they analyse your marks from the exams sat compared to this data and where they see that you HAVE done obviously less than you're capable of, they will decide to grant you more marks up to a certain percentage of marks you gained.

sorry, felt like explaining that- they only apply the special cnsideration stuff if they see that you under-scored, assuming that the stressful situation (whatever that is) was the cause.

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Your situation seems very similar to the one I'm in right now and I've just finished my AS exams. I basically locked myself up in the room, put music on to drown out the sounds of my family and revised as much as I could.
I had to continuously tell myself that exams determine my future and although my family situation is horrible it won't last forever. However big it feels now it will end so you have to try your best to focus on how you can improve your life now and in the future.
What I've said may not be of any help to you but I know that it helped me. Good luck. x x x

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