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I'm currently doing my EPQ on Abortion and I have all the research yet i'm not really sure how to structure it. Does anyone have any examples I could read? Can be on any topic.
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Hi Kels0802,

Were you provided with any guidelines by your course provider (college/institution)? If so, the best option is to follow that structure. However, if you have not been and are completely unaware of how to start, then a basic format to follow would be:

Brief overview of the entire project that covers all the below sections with a line or two for each section. However, you may not need this.

Introduce the topic. What is it about. Why you are doing it. You can briefly discuss the research you have gathered and collated. Clarify key terms that you will be discussing and using. Lead into the question. You could even mention how the report will be structured.

Literature Review/main essay
This is the bulk of your essay. Here you'll be providing the reader with all the information you have gathered, linking it to your original question. Perhaps even structuring it as a kind of back and forth dialogue of for and against. You want to show their are two sides, but why the side your own holds more weight.

This section focuses on what you did and how you did it. Describe the strengths and flaws of your method. Justify why you adopted the approach you did.

Results or Conclusion
Depending on your project, here you will discuss either the results of your data, or the conclusions you have drawn from the data/information you have gathered. The significant points from what you have discussed. Reiterate the aims of your project and link the pertinent points to this.

If you do a Results section, then this next bit will come under 'Discussion'. If not, then towards the end of the conclusion talk about the implications of your research and future research that could be carried out. Adding a suggestion of what else could be looked at that is similar.

You'll need a list of any and all citations you have used. It depends on your institution and/or governing body which format they want the references. I would recommend looking in to something like Mendeley and getting a plugin to make this process a lot easier.

If you have used questionnaires, interviews, etc, then these go here.

Hope this is of use. All the best.

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