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(Original post by amy.dd)
Did you not read the part where I said I do not blaspheme around Christians, however I have occasionally slipped up before and been told off by random people and friends. I DO make an effort but sometimes I slip up. And words I normally use to not consist of racist terminology where as I have picked up saying things such as 'jesus' or 'for gods sake' etc.
For some people, that's just as bad. Anyway, well done for not knowing how analogies work.

(Original post by Anonymous,)
lol people berate me for swearing, my cousin was disgusted at me for swearing at my mum at christmas once but I don't go around muttering swear words to myself all day. I feel like a sheep for having to swear to get my point across its just not cool anymore like you said most people do it. I never said swearing makes you weak, I said I think that it takes a stronger person to resist swearing because someone told me to get a thicker skin. As for swearing being related to intelligence..your the one who brought that up. Thanks for calling me a prude, Ive never been called that before:p:
If only strong people can resist swearing, then those who can't resist swearing are weak, and saying people can't "find different words" means they're ineloquent and stupid. This is why you need to be careful what you say, you see. Dislike swearing all you want, but when you turn it into a personal insult - i.e. saying "it takes a stronger person to find different words", when actually it's nothing to do with strength or eloquence, just the words they choose to use or are in the habit of using - people are going to take offence. I swear a lot, and I'm not weak or ineloquent, and I find your rather ridiculous statements here (even if others' are worse) almost offensive. Oh, and one more thing; swearing isn't the same as swearing at people. The latter is just obnoxious, and would be with or without the rude words.

Anyway, you asked for my advice. Take it from someone who swears. Say that to your dad and he'll quite happily tell you to **** off, and no one could blame him. Politely ask him not to, and if he ignores you, then grin and bear it and find something worse to be annoyed about, like the fact that he hits you.
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mine swear all the time, though mainly not through anger, just in general. doesnt bother me because i do sometimes and i dont have to quickly cover it up!

as with the hitting, was that a one off, me and my sibling used to be hit on a regular basis as we were regularly misbehaving, soap in mouth, the belt, bang heads together etc. now though its a slap but usually deserved!

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