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I'm starting Year 12 at the end of August, and I'll be doing the IB Diploma. I'm a bit worried about how I'll cope and the workload considering some people think that IB is harder than A-Levels. For those of you who are currently doing the Diploma (or have done it) do you have any advice on how I should approach it?

For context, here are the subjects I'm doing:
English Literature - Higher Level
History - Higher Level
Physics - Higher Level
French B - Standard Level
Maths - Standard Level
Music - Standard Level
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Do your best in year one. It'll be a change of habits. Do you homework, find which subject demands the most off you and work on that. Try to work ahead a bit, but only if you can. My biggest advice: Do your best out of the summer. Do your IAs, read your books and do your Extended Essay (if not already due) in the summer. Yes, that summer will be a workload, but you will have it soo much easier in your final year then. Some teachers prefer to do IAs in year11, but many start year12 with all their IAs. So be prepared for them.
For English Literature - read your books ahead. If you still have time and you have your reading list already, get started.
For History - the most important thing is understand your assessment. History is an easy subject if you know how to tackle the essays. Learn how to structure them, THEN learn your content. Because most syllabuses of history are so expansive, it is hard to learn everything. Really solidify the most common topics, and if there are 1 or 2 syllabus points that are just too much, then take them easy. Some of the content overlaps so much, it is important to know that bit first.
For Physics - do as many practice questions as you can while you study.
For French - Typical language advice. Study it.
For Math - Again, practice makes perfect! Do lots of practice questions, varying in difficulty. Some of them repeat so much, that you will get used to the types of questions in the exam.
For Music - I do not know how to give you advice on that. Read sheet music I guess? Learn how the exam works.

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