i feel like life goes by so fast and I am just wasting my time Watch

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I feel like even if I tried hard in life there would be no point as it will end soon
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Having been through your situation I can tell you with hope and persistence that it does subside. How and when all, ultimately depends on you. You will not do yourself any good sitting there with theses emotions running through your head it will just perpetually continue to no end until you yourself snap out of it - take it from me, I had so many people try to help me to no avail until I eventually came to the conclusion myself.

By your logic, what everyone is doing is pointless as their life would end soon too, our whole existence is pointless but that doesn't mean you have to give it up not trying. Anything would do, it doesn't have to be anything major - just small incremental steps towards some sense of happiness and that can be achieved by so many things. You could start by working out, just to get yourself physically fit and engaged will help a lot with confidence and some sense of determination towards something and then it goes on to eating well, drinking enough water; getting adequate amounts of sleep; securing long lasting friendships and relationships; picking up a new hobby (learning to paint; play and instrument - anything); securing a fulfilling carrer etc.

You don't have to listen to my advice as at the end of the day - it is your life and you only have one shot so why not make it one with experiences where you've given it your best.

Just my two cents.

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