time out of uni for mental health: venting post/general advice searching

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I left uni last year cos of severe OCD/depression with the intention to return this September after 6 months of medical leave. When I was having a good week I made the decision to move back and just needed the approval of the GP nearest the university. This wasn't my own GP and I was able to convince them I was ok. My condition has deteriorated since then. After 6 months on the waiting list I'm finally being seen by a clinical psychologist at the local psychiatric hospital and have been advised I probably aren't fit to return this year. She thinks I don't have enough coping mechanisms in place and I'm likely to struggle a lot/face mental breakdown again. She said I might be ok but likely not and I'd benefit from getting proper treatment through the hospital.

I really want to go back to uni this year. I miss my friends and don't want to fall behind or let my family down. But last time it was unbearable and if things get as bad as they were again I don't know how i'll cope.

Feel like such a failure.
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Hey there! I sorta have a similar story with you except I'm starting school again this year--after two years of stopping due to my major depression. My friends have all graduated and most of the time I feel like a failure. I enrolled back in 2017 while I was in a really ****ty mental state and I ended up wasting my tuition fee money because I skipped class and eventually, didn't go at all because I couldn't bear it and I was breaking down every single day. I tried enrolling again the next year then just did the whole thing again. It's just better to take a break first than to push ourselves to something we want to do but aren't really ready yet for. Give yourself some time to take a breathe and learn what coping mechanisms you can do that are healthy for you so you can get back to uni with a better mindset. It's easier said than done but it's better to do it anyway so you can be back in uni as soon as it's possible. Additionally, the fact that you're reaching out for help is already a huge start so props to you, anon!

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