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I thought I'd leave a few tricks I've learned to help make the most of my lectures. Please add your own!

> Leave a note on your door / alarm on your phone to list all of the equipment you need to bring with you to class.
> Make sure you have a place to put all of your equipment (notebook, pencil case) when you arrive at home so that it doesn't get lost by tomorrow morning - or just leave it in your bag!
> Keep a spare notebook and pencil case (and other essential equipment) in your locker on in your private space at school so that so that if you forget to bring your equipment, you'll always have some spare and won't have to rely on classmates to lend you items.
> Use a gel pen rather than a biro! They write a lot smoother and require less pressure to write, so you won't have to take longer taking notes by pressing more than you need to as you would with a biro and leave yourself more prone to hand cramps.
> Use a notebook that is always comfortable to write in. My hand always ends up leaning on the spine of a spiral-bound notebook and it becomes really uncomfortable to write on, so I use one that is spiral bound on the top, or a thread-bound notebook.
> If your book gets full of inserts and doesn't lay flat anymore, use one or two large paper binder to hold down all of pages on each side.
> Notebooks with gridded lines are great to use for science subjects as they can act as college rolled lines or a good way to measure diagrams (and great for maths of course).
> Use college rolled notebooks if you have smaller handwriting and find larger rolled lines to be too much space.

> Your biggest challenge is speed! Getting down information in your notebook before the lecturer moves on and you miss information, and so in a way that you aren't just mindlessly copying words - you are listening and taking in the information, and finally so that your notes are detailed enough to be useful during revision.
> Bullet points are great for indicating you are starting the topic of a new sentence, without having to waste time on forming a full sentence.
> Write your bullet points with key words to get the gist of the sentence without all of the unnecessary fluff words in between. Focus on key nouns and verbs, less so adjectives (unless important for identification) and words like 'through', 'over', 'is'... Ex. Sentence: "osmosis is a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one." Bullet: " osmosis - molecules of solvent through semipermeable membrane, high -> low concentration"
> symbols are your friends! Use = (results in / is equal to), +(and), - (new point, same topic / additional information / summarising information), & (and), / (or), -> (makes / results in) etc. Use different coloured highlighters (though may be time consuming to find and uncap and recap), your own drawn symbols (▶︎,▽,✖︎,ȹ,℅,⋲,

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