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Hi everyone !
I am currently finishing my bachelors degree in France and I'll be a Cambridge student for next Michaelmas term in the Physics MAST. I was wondering if someone around here has studied in either Part IA, IB, II or III Physics in Cambridge. It seems to me that the material covered in the first three years is much biger that what I have studied in France, so I wanted to know how far I actually am from the required level.
Thanks for your answers and hae a good day !
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I think Eimmanuel is studying Physics at Cam? There are definitely some NatScis floating about here, Doones might know of anyone else that could be tagged. You can find syllabuses for all the courses here: https://www.natsci.tripos.cam.ac.uk/subject-information, and more detail for Part II here: https://www.phy.cam.ac.uk/students/t...es/II_overview.

The relevant papers would be all the physics and maths options in IA and IB (although technically I don't think IB maths is required, I believe most physicists take it?), plus Part II. As I understand Part II students study a range of core topics and then pick several options from the full list, so not everything listed in the Part II syallbus will be studied by all Part II students

The MASt is actually Part III for students from other universities coming to Cambridge; you'll be studying the Part III material alongside the Cambridge students, so you won't need to have covered that content beforehand. Also depending on the options you're taking not all of the above may be relevant anyway. For example although Part II students would have done relativity, if you're focusing on condensed matter physics it won't matter much if you haven't covered that.

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