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No this is not fake and yes I really wish it was. When I was a child I was raped and sexually abused by my childminder who was a man and I was around 6-8 years old. I’ve grown older and now gained an attraction to men. I like girls to and I identify as bisexual. I’ve read that sexual abuse of young boys by men can cause sexuality identification issues or otherwise sexual disorientation. I know it can be easy for me to convince myself the only reason why I have an attraction towards men is because of that but whenever I have done bits with men I have felt uncomfortable and just like it is not for me. I still get aroused by men but doing bits just feels uncomfortable. I don’t know I just have issues identifying myself now cos I am quite a verbal person and to my friends I would say stuff like “oh my days he’s so fit I would have sex him” but I have had sex with men I have found so attractive and never enjoyed it really. Is it wrong for me to convince myself that I may just be having gay sex as a result of my childhood or maybe I always had an attraction towards men?
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Maybe you are bisexual, this is failry common indeed. But the fact how you are uncomforatble may just be your past. Id say take it slow and dont rush into things do what feels natural. Maybe in a few years or something you may feel more comfortable doing things in the bedroom with another msan or maybe you juet decide, the attraction is purely chemical and ohysical rather then sexual. It may be your troubled past brings you memoried that subconsiouly haunt you, wishing you the best of luck with this and im so sorry to hear about what happened when you was younger!!

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