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Hey, I have a grad job in London starting in September, even though I'll be graduating in December with a guaranteed 2:2.

I am shocked I got the role and maybe I'm currently paralysed with shock or fear, as I haven't been able to function properly since receiving the offer (I found out whilst working my retail job, and I wasn't able to think straight during my shift).

This has been going on since last Friday and I am becoming extremely lazy and lethargic. For instance, I need to apply for a new passport and fill in documentation.

My mind wants to do it, but my body doesn't. I just want to cry.

I don't know what's wrong.

Help pls!
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You shouldn't be anything with emotions, emotions are just...emotions. They simply exist. Sometimes they make sense in the situation you are in, sometimes they don't. Acknowledge what you're feeling and try to refrain from judging it (e.g. I should do this, I should do that, why is that happening, whatever). Accept it for what it is. Make a plan of things you need to do, and just do them, try not to over think it, just do it. Don't get stuck in the trap of analysis paralysis.

Have you slept? Eaten? Drank water? Showered? Groomed? Etc. Look after your body. Again, try not to over think this.

If these feelings of shock/fear and lethargy have been going on for quite some time, it might be worth going to your GP and discussing it. Might be something off in a blood test (e.g. low vitamin D, B12, etc.). Perhaps you have some sort of mental health issue going on. I can't tell you that.

Well done on your degree and your new role.

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