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I ended things with a guy 2 weeks ago and I've been in so much pain ever since. This is the first time I genuinely cared about a guy and ending it was one of the hardest things I've ever done, even tho I know it's for the best.

I thought the pain would subside after a while but it's actually worsening day by day. I can't stop reminiscing all the good memories (there were lots since we had been friends for years before getting together). The first week after it ended almost felt surreal, it did hurt but I was mostly fine was able to function... then this week hit me and I've just been crying non-stop. I can't focus on my job applications, pre-readings, work. NOTHING. I joke about prioritising a career above everything, but at this stage I just want him.

Does anyone have any tips or would be willing to share their stories on how they managed to heal? My friends have been so supportive but all I want to do is stay in my pjs and cry. It hurts so much and I just want the pain to stop.
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let yourself feel all the emotions, it is all part of the process. Know that you aren't wrong or much different to anyone else for feeling this pain.
It does get easier and going out with friends, which can be difficult but try and push yourself to go out, will definitely help. Try not to talk about your ex with others as this will keep the thoughts and feelings fresh in your mind.
Focussing on things you enjoy helps.

I have experienced this before, although he split from me and I found out later he had been cheating on me. It is kind of like grieving (although nowhere near as bad as actually losing someone through death), but you have gone from being around this person and talking to them regular to perhaps no contact at all.
It will get easier with time, focus on yourself and enjoy yourself, we only get one life so try not to let yourself wallow in this for too long. Someone else will come along when the time is right.
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I literally got cheated on, the best thing to do is to ignore to them and act like you don’t care about them. It makes them feel guilty and question why you’re over them so quickly. I would just take sometime alone to be single, so you become the best, happy version of yourself. Eventually I would block the guy so it doesn’t upset you anymore. Try to spend time around family and friends when you’re ready maybe see guys but don’t get into long term relationships any time soon. Just have fun.

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