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I really want to go into counselling, and I’m planning to do it at uni next year (or early 2021) but I’m a bit worried about the opportunities available after I graduate, and the difficultly in finding paid work.

I’ve finally set some goals for myself, and feel that counselling is something that I’d be really suited to. I feel most fulfilled when helping others, and know that I can’t thrive in a job where I exist solely to create profit.

For the first time in my life, I feel that I’m pursuing something that’s right for me, rather than trying to force myself into other career paths because I think they’re good opportunities or that they’ll pay well.

However, I can’t deny that finances are still important, and it concerns me that a lot of counselling work is voluntary and that paid work is apparently hard to find. If I had an abundance of cash, I wouldn’t hesitate at all! But unfortunately, I do have to think about whether this is worthwhile or not. I’m also having to fund the tuition fee for the first year of the course because I wasted two years at uni back in 2015 & 2016.

I’ve just been accepted onto a Level 3 business administration apprenticeship, so the majority of the pay from that will go towards uni. I’m not really interested in admin and find routine tasks boring and mind-numbing but I guess doing it will be a back-up option and something else for the CV.

But anyway, what I wanted to ask is this - does anyone actually go into paid counselling work after they graduate, or are they expected to just volunteer for years until they finally have enough experience to do higher paying roles?

Also, is it recommend/common to do a post-graduate degree afterwards to increase opportunities of getting higher paid work?

Just want to know what I’m getting into, thanks!
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I'm in the exact same situation. I'd like to get into counselling asap. I plan to do a masters in counselling but I have a year's break so far. Unsure what to do, job-wise, in the meantime. I wonder.. anyone got any ideas 😅

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