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Would love some assistance with this. I have an offer for an MSc in Sustainability and Consultancy at Leeds. I was hoping to get a scholarship to cover my costs of living. I haven't been awarded a scholarship. I am now hoping to be able to study part time and work. I have 5 weeks before my course starts to sort this out and find a job. I havent been able to find a full time position in 2 years (not through lack of trying and applying).

Does anyone have any experience of working and studying?
Any advice for job hunting and increasing your chances of getting an interview?

Thank you!
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Hi Danni,

Congratulations on receiving an offer, that's great news !

Job hunting is not really my area, I'm sure there are people with a lot better advice here than I can provide. However, as far as getting an interview I would say to tailor your CV to the role you are applying for, even if it is only picking and choosing skills/qualifications to include. Once you get an interview, I suggest doing some reading on what the company does, think of what skills the role would need and prepare answers on how your skills/experience make you perfect for the role.

Studying whilst working I have been doing for the past 5 years for my BSc and I'm about to start my masters for another 2 years. Do you have any specific questions ? All I would say is that you need to be really strict with yourself, if you are tired and need a night off that's fine but the work won't dissapear so you need to adjust your schedule for the next day accordingly. If you let yourself get behind, it's not easy to catch up.

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