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What counts as full-on "revision"?
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Effective revision usually depends on your learning style, e.g. if you're a visual learner, you may find it easier to learn by making mind maps or flashcards, whereas an auditory learner may find it easier to listen to revision videos on YouTube. If you're not sure what type of learner you are, you can take a quiz online to see and then try some of the suggested revision methods for whichever type of learner you are. If you find these methods don't really work for you, you can just try other methods. Depending on what type of person you are, you may like having a study routine to follow or you may want to switch it up a bit. It's up to you really .Revision shouldn't be about time spent revising either, it should be about if you feel like you've learnt anything during the revision. I know I've spent hours revising before and realised I wasn't really focused enough because I kept daydreaming and then I've essentially wasted my time, so sometimes it's best to revise for small chunks of time like 15 minutes then have a break rather than revising for hours. I tend to procrastinate a lot, but I can also really get in the zone sometimes and focus for hours (that might just be my autism though, I have HFA). It's also easier to motivate yourself to revise if you make it enjoyable, e.g. I like to read through a chapter in a textbook and then see how many facts I can recall after. It's really rewarding when I can fill a page on a Word document lol. I also like to use my imagination to revise, which makes it more fun and easier to remember, e.g. if I read 'Margaret Thatcher aimed to reduce the money in circulation', I imagine Margaret Thatcher trying to stop a Merry go round made of money from spinning, which helps me remember the fact. Sorry for the long answer I'm kind of procrastinating from doing A level History coursework right now lol
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Full on revision does not need to be stressful or take up lots of time, it is about spending short amounts of time like maybe 30- 45 minutes at a time to properly learn the content rather than spending a long time not being very productive

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