Lesbian/Bisexual? Does my best friend like me back? Watch

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So, I have this crush on my female best friend. I think about dating her and kissing her and stargazing with her a lot. I sometimes masturbate while thinking of her. Anyway! I don’t know if she likes me back... I don’t know if she is into girls. Also, once at a theme park (school trip), she got scared in one of the rides and held my hand and asked me politely to put my arm around her to make sure she wouldn’t fall out. However, I could tell she was really scared and casually did what she asked. It felt amazing. Afterward, I said I was proud of her for getting through that. We hug a lot too, but she hugs all of her friends. I have never been in a relationship and I don’t think my being in a relationship at my age (quite young!) or my being a lesbian or bisexual would be accepted by my peers. I also wouldn’t want our great friendship to be ruined. However, I would like to know if Shen likes me back, after all, we could always just keep it a secret! We could ask to play out and chat and hug in the woods, and we have sleepovers, so we could kiss. We are way too young for sex, I’m still in middle school, but other things would be fine. Are there any subtle signs that a girl likes you? Or that she is not straight?
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Play truth or dare and get one of ur friends to dare u to kiss her or something along those lines which is kind of a subtle move and by her reaction or the way she kissed u u would be able to tell if she was into it or not ❤️
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