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hi, so basically i've been suffering from depression and anxiety and this has led me to missing assignments and not doing them. it is now august and i've had resits, i've been to my exam (i only had one) but for assignments i haven't completed any of the resits. the past couple of days i've been panicking and completely shut down. do you think i will be kicked out of uni or will they give me a second chance to redo my module?
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Different universities have different rules about resitting, repeating and progressing so you need to contact your department, tutor or student support staff at your uni to make sure you are getting correct information. Do the uni know that you have been struggling with illness? You need to ask about how you submit a mitigating circumstances claim (sometimes called exceptional or extenuating circumstances, depending on the uni). You'll need supporting evidence from your doctor, or counselling service if you have been seeing anyone.

The sooner you contact them the better. Once the conversation has started they will be able to guide you through the process and talk you through the options

Even universities with pretty strict rules usually allow a repeat of the first year, particularly if you can show that you have been unwell, or there may be a chance to redo these resits while taking a break from your studies (a leave of absence) so that you are ready for the next year, or other options you need to find out about.
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Well youve definitely failed the year, you wont be able to go onto year 2. Even if you could redo the year, why would it be any different, I think u need to address your issues before enrolling on another course. edit: Or maybe uni just isnt for u

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