Chav girls always seem really attacted to me Watch

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(Original post by Anonymous)
Or maybe its just because they are the most forward unlike most girls who want the men to do the chasing.

Not pure chavs either some of them, some do have girly moments but on a night out or when im on a college course the chav girls are the ones that are the most forward pretty much offering me sex, one girl in particular described everything she was going to do to me and she liked me.

Im a very shy guy whos 22 years old but I dont think they are playing games as in a bar or such they snog me and feel me up!(to the point of putting thier hands down my trousers and feeling!)

The girls who ask me out or for a bit of fun are actually very attractive some could of easily been models so they arent the stereotype ones speaking in slang with coarse voices.

Im just confused why so many chav girls like me.

Ive never had much effect on chav girls, aside from the odd one who would clearly be making moves on anything with a penis - *shakes head*

Gypsy girls on the other hand. Well. :p:

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