can i switch to a course i have been rejected from but accepted for foundation Watch

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i applied for diagnostic radiography at bcu and was rejected. i thought i did decent in it considering how nervous i was and i was one of the first batch of interviewees.
my friend went to an interview about a month or two later and she had gotten in and was told by someone that most of the people in the beginning were rejected. she and i are both at similar levels and got accepted regardless of the fact it became apparent in the interview she didn't even know what a fracture is.
i am predicted to get around 164 UCAS points so i certainly can get in. i now only can go to the foundation year which i was accepted for.
to be honest i think it will be such a waste for me to waste a year knowing i am going to be eventually doing the course later so saying that they thought i wouldn't be a good fit as a radiographer isn't a good enough excuse. there isn't a lack of space either as it is also on clearing now.

after all that rambling (sorry) do you think if i talked to the university they would take me on the actual course instead of doing the foundation year?
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You can always talk to them but if they said you weren’t suitable then getting good grades is unlikely to change their mind.

If you have the grades for entry into first year then you don’t need to do foundation - you can do something else (work and get more experience) and reapply for a 2020 start instead of paying fees for the foundation for the year!

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