Which University is better for Economics? Essex or Swansea?

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So which one is better in terms of ranking, reputation, graduate prospectus and city life.
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According to CUG: Swansea 38, Essex 39, the biggest difference being graduate prospects which is weird, because students were much happier and essex has better research
According to UKuni: Swansea rank 51, Essex Rank 22
According to Guardian: Swansea Rank 39, Essex Rank 12

if you look under modules on the page you'll be able to see the modules you can choose from - it gives a surprising amount of flexibility.

here's essex module list; by clicking on the "economics options" you'll be able to see a list of available optional modules.

From what I read, if you want a fun night out and partying is your thing then essex aint the place; despite the tv show and reputation. Swansea has an entire street dedicated to nightlife, and a few more clubs on top of that.

Essex is spread over 3 campuses, Swansea is between 2.
I previously studied at Swansea and I know the place well enough. It's a great place to have fun, but you will most definitely need to leave if you want to find good employment. Essex on the other hand you have much better travelling options, including proximity to London.

All the facilities in Swansea have been built very recently so it is pretty fresh and modern; and the campus you would be studying at will only continue to grow. The clubs are decent enough, and the infrastructure is adequate so if you've got a hobby you're dedicated too then you can easily work it in your time table.

Most economics degrees will give you about 12 hours a week of contact time between lectures and seminars - the rest will be self study. It is not like school in that regard.

For economics, it would be best to aim for a higher university if you can, as economics as a degree is very saturated - there are so many people doing it. Also work experience will be absolutely critical in finding employment in the financial sector - so you really will want to hammer away on your summers and also go for the placement year courses.

Good luck with your search.
Swansea University Enquiries
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Hi ahmed2344,

I’d say in terms of rankings, this year Swansea University was named University of the Year in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards (for the second time in five years), and that’s entirely voted for by students. As well as being University of the Year, Swansea University took the top spot in the International category, and placed top three in the Postgraduate, and Course and Lecturers categories.

The University as a whole is in the UK Top 5 for career prospects out of the 121 universities in the Guardian University league table 2020 but the Economics department itself is actually 2nd in the UK for career prospects compared to all other Economics departments (Guardian University Guide 2020).

All this is on top of other accolades such as
• Ranked in the UK top 10 and top in Wales for graduate prospects, in the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education 2018 survey.
• Being awarded gold, the highest possible rating, in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).
• Ranked 5th in the UK for overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey.
• Become Wales’ highest ranked university, increasing its overall ranking to 31st in the UK in the 2019 Guardian University Guide.

City life in Swansea is really great. I live here and have done for 5 years now, I’ve lived around the UK but Swansea is the first place that seems to get the balance of everything just right. It’s not too big, not too small, you can be in the city centre with all the shops, bars and restaurants (I’m a big fan of Five Guys and there’s one right in the centre of town) and within a few minutes on a bus you can be at the beach and enjoy the sea and surfing, if you’re into that, or just enjoy the picturesque views of the peninsula Swansea sits in. We’ve also got art galleries, libraries, a really great poetry, literature and music scene, and that’s all with a genuinely friendly vibe from everyone here. It’s the size of a city with all the amenities that brings, but feels like a town where everyone knows each other. I can’t imagine living or studying anywhere else.


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