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what career path can i follow with a degree in business management and is the course enjoyable?
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You can pursue any of the careers that any other degree could prepare you for, that is, most "generalist" graduate roles and grad schemes which accept any degree (which is the majority of them). Obviously it's fairly relevant to business and management oriented roles, but could be just as applicable to any number of roles in e.g. the civil service, media, NGO work etc.

Whether the course is enjoyable depends on what you find interesting. Personally...


the engineering management modules we did in my course were easy but very dull to me, but others may have found them more interesting. The only part I really found interesting were the economics oriented topics; drawing Gantt charts and doing some basic accounting calculations wasn't very interesting to me (nor was putting those into practice in a management project, where the only interesting part of that I found was reviewing government whitepapers on aspects of the market we were working on as research).
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I am a third year Business Management student and it is helping me with career choices just as much as any other degree.

Quite literally, the majority of functions falling under business management. I am a on my placement year and working for Airbus as a Facilities Management Intern. I was also offered a role at Enterprise Rent-a-Car as a trainee branch manager and at Disney (ESPN) in a product development role. Further to this, I have friends on placements in: Business Development; Operations; HR; Marketing; the list goes on.

Yes, business management is general and covers many paths. But, you can navigate yourself through the degree onto one of those paths. If you're expecting to come out the other end in a job as a 'business manager', bad news, these don't exist. If you're looking to come out the other end and discover your business interest and go into that business function (marketing, for example), it's the degree for you.

(Original post by Waisy)
is the course enjoyable?
Of course, this is personal preference. But, I think generally people do enjoy the course.The degree gives you an insight into the world of enterprise that we take for granted. You'll find out about things you didn't know you were interested in.

Drop me a message if you want to discuss this further .

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