Non-Law Student Applying for Masters and Inquiring about the TC Watch

Sir Bananas
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Hi, I just graduated with my Bachelors this year and I've received offers for a Masters that I will be accepting. Both programmes are not in the field of law but I am planning to take the GDL after my Masters.

If I were to apply for a training contract at a law firm (preferably one that paid for my GDL and LPC), I suppose I'd have to generally apply at around the same, or an earlier, time I apply for my GDL, during my Masters. Would I be correct in thinking this? Any help would be appreciated.
J Papi
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You apply two years in advance of the year in which you wish to start working. Law firms are generally clear on when you are eligible to apply for one of their openings. They may, for example, only allow direct TC applications from those going into their final year of university, and from graduates.

Keep in mind that you're already a graduate, which may confine you to certain vac schemes (e.g. Winter only or Easter only), but which enables you to apply directly for TCs.
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