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*Confused young student warning *

Sooooo, results day came.
A* - Chem
A - Maths and Econ

I have been accepted into my firm choice - Nottingham.

I am doing the Accountancy course. It is special because it is a 4yr course partnered with PWC. For my first year, I study as a normal student. For my 2nd and 3rd year, I am doing 4-month audit placements (Sept-Dec) in a PWC office of my choice in the UK. (Aberdeen, Charing Cross (London), Birmingham etc). The same happens in the 4th year except the placement is from January to May.

Some info:
These placements are paid and I put what I have learned into practice. I may have clients abroad and do get to travel.
PWC will also subsidise some of my living costs.
You also get 12/15 accounting exemptions from the course and can become chartered quickly after you graduate.
Oh, and if you graduate with a 2:1 or higher, PWC offers you a job at a level above a normal graduate, but of course I want to go into IB.

There are other smaller details about the course but those are the main ones. Here is the brochure if I missed anything:
So as you can tell, the course is quite good in the sense that I get paid and get experience in the industry (not quite IB industry, but still the financial sector) with some network to PWC. This is opposed to a normal 3-year Economics course. Nottingham is also a top Russel university so I think that should also boost me.

So finally, a few questions:
Is this Accountancy course (and banking placements that I will do in summer) good enough to get me into top IB jobs?
People will probably say Econ but is Econ that much better that I should leave this unique and new course?
Or is my course good enough given that there is no "Investment Banking" subject at uni and people can get into it with degrees of all sorts (philosophy, law etc) ?
Economics is also very common for these jobs, so could this course and placement experience (alongside banking placements I will do in summer) give some edge?

Thank you so much if you read this far and I really appreciate advice from anybody knowledgeable on this topic!!
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People always ask "what degree do I need for IB" etc. but in fact it doesn't matter at all. If you are doing a finance related degree (or econ), you might just have a knowledge advantage but that's it - everyone gets trained so it doesn't matter.

So long as you do your spring insights, summer internships etc. then you will stand a good chance at getting on a IBD grad scheme.

Feel free to msg me if you have any more specific questions, since I've had experience applying to both IB and accounting (Big4) schemes.

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