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Hi everyone,

I have completed my first year on May and thought that I should share some of my experiences . Below I've compiled a list of the things you should do and the things you should avoid
I don't know how this works with every University but I can comment on mine. Though I think the majority offer similar experiences.

Dyslexia - I would consider this a life hack. I failed the dyslexia test and I now have 25% time for exams and on top of that I get extra support which i don't really take. But Student finance will fund up to £5,000 if you are dyslexic. (This really depends I would put it important but for some it might be low priority).

Socialise early on. If your course involves a lot of group work. This will help.

NO procrastination. Work on your assignment even if it is due in the next 2 months. Unlike college you don't get a second chance.

Use academic writing in essays. Avoid it's and replace it with it is. More professional.

Look at free services. The majority of universities should provide free-feedback services such as studiosity. USE THEM.

Don't stress if you want to look healthy then make sure you avoid things that make you stress. (Important) It will also help you study a little bit.

Surround yourself with competitive people.

Get your high achieving scholarship award and any other awards. You will get money and depending on which uni you go it could be a lot of money. This is important especially if you live away.

Prepare for Uni education system. Unlike sixth form/College where you might study 3 courses. In Uni you will study one course with six modules. This doesn't always apply to all courses, so check your course spec. 6 modules could mean six assignment. You have the first semester generally easier. So that's from 1st of October (24 of September is freshers week) to December to complete these six assignment, not to mention some exams you might have. Then second semester, same as first + Exams. This is not always the case because you might get more than 6 assignments in one sem.

Meet your module leaders. Familiarize yourself with the new interface you will be using for the next 3 to 4 years. Ask one of the teacher's how to access your module text books and look for core or essential books to get a hand before everyone.

Look at your uni hub - it has a lot of job advertisement. Not only that but you can also document some of the things you've done in university to achieve a respective reward. Bronze certi, silver and gold. Check with your employability center in your uni and ask them about these rewards.

Build yourself early on. Look at part time job especially in Uni they are aimed at building yourself.

Hobbies. Make sure you do something outside uni. Whether it is sport or blogging.

Work with what you have. In College, along my other studies I did photography and I enjoyed it a lot so I decided to make it my hobby and expand on my skills. I took the opportunity to work as a photographer in my University even though it was unrelated to my course. The good thing is that now I can talk about how i turned my hobby into a real job.

You do not always need to start with a part time job. It can be as small as a hobby. Write now my other hobby is to become a novelist. I have started writing my second novel. The first one in my opinion was a failure so i archived it. I go every day to the library and write 500-1000 words and hopefully I plan to keep this up till October and then take a one month break before going back. Working with your current hobbies is important. DON'T be a spider where your legs are everywhere and you can't finish a single thing.

Before you go into Uni, know it's strengths. My Uni is ranked #28th out 177 universities In the UK in terms of business studies and I study business and ICT. The support we get is incredible and the pass rate is very high. 95% of the students were satisfied.

ask me anything. I clarified on certain points but if you don't understand something ask right away.

Anyways that wraps things up for today. If I have more I will list them up and continue to update this page hopefully.

Thank you very much, good luck and bye
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One more regarding dyslexia. Depending on the time you get 25%. So yeah. That also works for assignment. If an assignment is due in next month or 2. As a dyslexic person you are entitled to get 25% extra time of that. So it's a lot worth it.
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This was amazingly helpful, I’m entiled to the dyslexia allowance too, do you get it all in one? Or in instalments. I also wanted to ask my uni isn’t the best I live at home and my mum supports me a lot , due to my dyslexia I’m very slow when it comes to lectures I’m doing a psychology with criminology degree and I find when I go home I take 3 hours just to learn one concept. I’ve always been like this. I’m really struggling with assignments I’m very good at writing academically but my referencing really knocked down my grade and I got 14/25 . Any tips on assignments? I have no exams 😁 thank goodness

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