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I was hoping you could potentially help me with a situation I am currently in which is likely to affect my training contract offer with a law firm.

My TC is due to start on 2021 and I am due to begin the LPC this September 2019. I have been informed by the firm that they have often converted student visas (Tier 4 visas) into work visas (Tier 2 visas) when it came to helping international students join the firm. However, as I would have a gap year between 2020, after completing the LPC, and 2021, I have been informed that I wouldn't be eligible for this visa conversion.*

As a result, it seems that I may not be eligible to work in the UK before the start of the Training Contract. I am considering deferring my LPC to begin on 2020 or applying for a work visa directly as a foreign migrant. However, I would still need to confirm these options with the firm.

I have been reminded by the firm that should I not be able to secure a work permit before the start date of the TC, I would be required to repay the full amount of the course fees and maintenance grant and that the TC offer would be withdrawn.

I am really worried that worse may come to worst and I am hoping that you would know anyone who could help me. Perhaps if you know any international/non-EU student that had secured a TC in their final year?

Any guidance would be really appreciated.

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See my response in the other thread.

In short, you should defer your LPC so that your firm will be able to convert your tier 4 visa to the tier 2 visa without issues. If you apply directly for the tier 2 visa without a pre-existing tier 4 visa, your firm will have a much harder time getting your visa approved. Use the gap year to do something productive with your life in the meantime (and I don’t mean travelling on mummy and daddy’s money).

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