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I’m going into year 12 next year and have started looking at subjects I’d want to study at University. I’ve decided I want to study something such as either business, marketing or managing.

I’ve looked at entry requirements and most, almost all, require a B in maths. Pigs will fly if I ever get a B in maths in GCSE.

I am looking at top universities. I’m hoping to get mostly 7’s and 8’s with a few 6’s in my GCSE’s, but math is not one of them.

What do you people of the internet think I should do? Should I just not bother and look at other degree’s I’d want to do? I’m not bad at maths, it’s just I was stupid and didn’t revise for my maths exams and now I’ve f-ed up my chances of going to a great university.
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i studied a similar degree at a similar uni you'd apply for. in my experience - it was a micky mouse degree where you learn abit about everything but not enough about anything to make it worthwhile. its a safe bet for employment yes, but (based on LinkedIn profiles) for my year no one seem to get of those gold dust graduate schemes or particularly impressive jobs. most are things like in sales or marketing which seem to be glorified school leaver jobs. my friends from school did apprenticeships at 18 and 3/4/5 years later they're crushing it. meanwhile i have a business degree and i dont believe it really entitles me to be higher or same rung on the corporate ladder than they are. perhaps even still on the entry level rung. only because i studied marketing doesn't mean i am better than the guy who has 1 year of experience.

if i could go back i would have done an apprenticeship i.e. a job, a professional qualification and train towards becoming qualified in something, no debt, a salary. if i were to go to uni i would have taken a proper degree like computer science or engineering with a foundation year. but even further to that you can go to uni at any age so you dont have to jump into the first thing.

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