Not really sure what happened, was he just never that interested? Watch

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I had about 8 dates with a guy over 5 weeks; each time spending several hours together. Initially I wasn't over my ex and just wanted friendship which I told him after first date (which was more just a hangout) he seemed disappointed but understood and we continued hanging out. After about 2 weeks I realised I'd be very stupid to let him go and asked if he still wanted to date, to which he agreed. On the first date exes came up, I casually asked him something about his but he told me he "didn't want to talk about it" and then later talked about karma and "people getting what they deserve." Anyway things were going well but on date 8 he seemed uncharacteristically quiet and off. He then later said I "made him nervous" but he "couldn't explain why." The next day I texted him saying that I did not want him to feel nervous as I did really like him. He replied that he "wasn't sure what he wanted, and asked to take it slowly". In the end he said "I initially thought there could have been something but then for the last few weeks I have seen you more as a friend." I asked him why he ha been intimate with me if he knew I was not for him and he told me "How was I supposed to know if I liked you or not if I didn't have sex with you?". I found that a bit sleazy. Does it sound like I put him off or is he just not over his ex/not ready? Thanks
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How was I supposed to know to respond or not if I didn't have sex with you?

deja vu anyone?

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