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Right so a lot of people have said these tips are quite helpful so i thought i’d just make a full post about it

So my tips for revision would be to :

1) UNDERSTAND the topic and what you’re learning. So it sounds simply and most of us probably think we are understanding it but in reality we get it in the classroom then as soooooonnnn as we walk out the door we forget everything 🤣 Ik i was guilty of that so for this step i would read the specification for my exam board for a subject e.g. AQA Physics and watch Free science lessons on youtube ( MY GUY HES SUCH AN UNDERRATED LEGEND ) to make sure i understand each little topic and area and the like rewrite the specification in a notebook using lots of colour and highlighters and pictures so that i can fully understand it. I would do this as you go along so in my school each term we would do a different section of Biology so we started w B1 and in the half term i made these notes using freescience lessons, the specification and my class book. Do this for all of your subjects as you go along because it’s so much easier and you don’t have to cram a load of learning right in the easter before your GCSE’s.

2) REVISE the topics. So for this i would just try to learn my notes and then i would put them allllllll away and get a large a3 paper and for each topic like B1 i would make a large mindmap ( or bullet points, paragraphs, little notes however way you learn best ) of everything i could remember in that topic. All of this would be in one colour like black- sounds boring i know but once i was done and couldn’t remember anything else i would take another look at my notes and add anything i didn’t know or have in another colour like purple. This lets you see which areas you need to revise and learn more about so you can improve for next time. I would do this mindmap technique like once every few weeks for each subject and as i learnt more and more, the mind maps would have a lot more black and a lot less purple on them, meaning i knew a lot more of the content. This way you’ll be ready to answer questions.

3) DO PRACTICE PAPERS. I would always leave exam questions last because i didn’t want to waste them since there aren’t many with the new 9-1 spec but once i knew the content and revised it all i would answer questions to familiarise myself with their style and stuff. You’ll see that once you actually know the content properly you’ll be able to answer the questions a lot easier than before, that’s what happened w me

So yeah if you made it reading this far those are my revision techniques for exams. Steps 1 i did as we went along the year and step 2 i did a few months before the mock exams and the last step i did like the weeks before the exams. I did this for my sciences especially but they would most likely work for subjects like RE or History or Geography. Good luck

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thanks im going into y11 so im gonna need these tips !!

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