how do i make friends in my new school

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this july i moved cities and in september im starting school and i really want to know how can i make friends? like im literally clueless

I have got a few interests but im not exellent at meetong new people in a very new enviroment

also is there any way that i can meet the people or at least like somebody from my new school early? ive been doing some instagram research and i cant find anyone from my year

this sounds weird but although they werent people from my year i saw SOME people from the year above and they all seemed to be very friendly (??) like its weird but that was the impression they gave off, should i be scared

i am aware this post is really messy but any help would be appriciated
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[/QUOTE]they all seemed to be very friendly (??) like its weird but that was the impression they gave[/QUOTE]

I meant not very friendly
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Kinda depends on what year you’re gonna be in. (I’m assuming this is in England or the UK) so if it’s something like yr10 you could make new friends since everyone’s gonna be starting GCSES and are gonna be in mixed classes anyway. Also, considering you’re new, it’s normal for teachers ask other students to show you around so you could make friends by being nice and friendly to those students who help you around

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