ocr a level compsci programming project

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so what kind of things could i code for this?
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Anything really as long as it's complex enough for the project. Whatever you do, make sure you pay close attention to the mark scheme and remember that most of the marks are for the report. I can't over-emphasise how important it is to write a lot of detail for your objectives and success criteria, because everything else on the project is based on those (e.g. the design, tests/verification, and of course the code itself -- you can't code something if you don't know what it is you're coding...).

Some possible ideas:
  • Look at your phone for common apps you use and use that as inspiration to create a clone of one of those - e.g. look at any IM or Social Media app
  • Health/Food/Fitness diary/tracking app. (e.g. look at MyFitnesspal for ideas)
  • Student/college timetable or planning app (lessons, events, deadlines, subjects, rooms, tutors, etc.)
  • Study/revision app (quizzes, flashcards, student login, progress/score tracking, etc)
  • Business management app (e.g. products, inventory, sales, customers, shipments, graphs/charts, reports, data import, employee login)
  • Classic Arcade game (e.g. turn-based like battleships or realtime like Space invaders. High scores, difficulty settings, levels, etc.)
  • Scientific or Mathematical visual simulation (e.g. Dijkstra's pathfinding algorithm)

It's fine to start with a simple idea and add complexity too. e.g. you can add complexity to something by including some algorithms and data structures (linked list, encryption, hashing, sorting/searching, etc.). some "OO" structured code is also good (split your code into classes, maybe use some OO patterns), and having the project backed by a relational database with a non-trivial schema (tables in 3NF which are joined with various foreign key relationships). Or even just adding some extra features to an app like user authentication, user permissions on different features, automatic invalid password lockout/reset, password complexity checking, user input validation, etc.

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