Trump cancels meeting with Danish PM over refusal to sell Greenland Watch

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(Original post by James23121)
How's it an irrational fear? He's a child with supreme authority over 5000 nukes.Sounds like a rational fear to me.
Fair enough, if you want to fear him sitting on the button or deciding the world would look better after a nuclear holocaust... fear away within the boundaries of reason as you define it. Some people might see it as an 'irrational' fear and I'd be one of them, i don't fear any of that.

Can't be a***d to go look up who said what but the media narrative is clear, Trump wanted to buy Greenland and cancelled a meeting with the Danish PM when told no-deal was on the table. My hunch was that she'd said something that he found offensive and later on saw a mention somewhere of him saying it was her 'nasty' remarks that were the real reason.

It's totally irrational to swallow up the anti-Trump media narrative at face value, of course he wouldn't just cancel the meeting because Denmark wouldn't sell it. Only Trumpophobes fall for that, people who let their (otherwise OKeish) ability to reason at the door on everything Trump-related.

Do you really fear him launching WWIII that much?
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Some of these did not go very well, however. The plan to buy the islands will not solve the territorial dispute.

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