Durham Uni students racist? Watch

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I'm a poc (indian) and I was friends with a group of rich white people. There were nearly 30 people in the clique.
They did have 2 indian girls in their group but one of those girls was very fair skinned and pretended to be half British and half Indian when shes actually fully Indian with no trade of British blood in her (lol).

While this group was fun and lively like going to nightclubs and partying all the time, they were kind of racist as one of the spanish girls in the group made fun of a chinese woman on her Instagram, by posting a badly taken picture of the lady and turning it into a meme (how bad she looks when shes searching for the perfect pic to post ).
The Indian girl also liked Trump just like other friends in the group. She was basically doing anything she could to remain a white people's group and even turned herself blonde.
The rest were also interested in taking jabs at other races.
One of the girls would simply invite me and the pretentious Indian girl at her house and then ask us to sit outside when her boyfriend would come over.

Are a majority students like this or I just encountered a bad lot?
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Racial banter is inherently a British thing, it’s common to laugh about stereotypes between friends.

I wouldn’t say it’s limited to students but extends to the wider population (except for the hand wringing PC crowd).

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