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Hi everyone, so I have a question.

I am currently 16, just finished GCSEs and I have been offered an Apprenticeship as an IT Technician in a school (I'd be employed by an external company, but placed at the school). Now I understand working at a school comes with many legal restrictions due to it being classed as a "position of trust". Lately, I have been talking to a girl who's in Year 11 (15 y/o) at another school. We aren't together or anything, but there's a chance something could happen in the future.

So, my question is, can we be in a relationship even if I'm working at a school. I wouldn't be a teacher and mid-year we'd be the same age, but I understand working in a school is classed as a position of trust and I wouldn't want to overstep the mark and risk ruining my career.

I know that I am not allowed any sort of relationship (even as friends) with anyone in the school I'm placed at, however I've been told I'm able to continue friendships with people still in schools who aren't at the school I'm placed at. Is there anyway I can take this apprenticeship and pursue whatever this is with that girl?

Thanks for reading, hope to see the responses soon...
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I can't see it becoming a problem if she's in a different school to the one you're working at

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