Girls do you find this can kind man attractive? Or subconsciously attractive?

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Do you find confident man attractive and why? What is about them that makes you feel compelled towards them?

What about if they shown confidence in the face of crises, he may not be good looking or you may not be attracted to him first, however would you feel subconsciously attracted to him that he showed courage in the face of adversity?
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Confident people tend to get the attention of everyone in any room. Be that in an interview or as a job, confident people have a unique mannerism about them. People tend to respect confident people and aspire to be like them.

Confident men are sexually more attractive. By this, I don't mean that women want to jump him... I mean that confidence is a characteristic that makes a man more appealing. Funnily, however, this also applies to women. Confident women are seen as more desirable as they appear stronger and more fierce.

There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is therefore attractive as you would rather have someone that can stand their ground, but also admit when they are at fault. They tend to be respectful of themselves, but also of others, including family and partners.

Having authority and confidence in his voice is a gateway signal to a good defender. After all, going back to our roots, men were the primary defence to any threat. Confident men are more likely to be reasonably protective men (protective within reason). Arrogant men tend to be overprotective or under-protective. Unconfident men tend not to display protective characteristics. They are more afraid you'll leave for someone more confident and therefore more protective as opposed to leaving them for other reasons.

Confident men also tend to build friendships and therefore trust. After all, having a large trustworthy network will help keep you afloat in tough times. Equally though, you will also be more likely to be leaned upon when someone else is going through tough times. This protectiveness and trust, therefore, make confident men into more "natural" leaders.

Finally, confident men are more likely to be positive thinkers and therefore more likely to be able to handle a sticky situation.

Not every man has to be super confident to get a woman. Just be yourself to the best of your abilities

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