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You know when people say gcses are piss easy they're not joking so genuinely dont stress about them too much unless you're failing all your mocks then do something immediately. I started revising AFTER the easter holidays (yayy for bad life choices) and managed to get 7A*s (8/9s) 2As (7s) and one 5 in French bc we didnt have a teacher all year around from a school where the pass rate (A-C) is only 25% and maybe I got really lucky I dont know. All together I did maybe a 100 hours during exam season to get these results. Effective revision is way better than ineffective revision, I only revised 2 hours before my history exam and got an 8.
I'm not trying to brag because there are so many wayyy cleverer people than me on here with all 9s and stuff but my point is that never give up revising till the very last minute. I spend the easter holidays lazying about and so did my friends and after the holidays I thought it was too late to revise and I would search up 'is it too late to start revising' and things like that.
But it is never too late to start revising. NEVER. We were cramming till the last minute and we all did good bc of it.
It would be best if you start early because it gets very stressful during exam season to cram but If cramming is the last option then do it, allocate your time carefully and use the right resources and you will come out with the good grades.
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Everyone is different and some find it harder than others. Above is just one persons experience, not your own. I agree, it is never too late to start revising, but don't leave it too late and NEVER do last minute cram sessions- as you will indeed fail.

Sounds cliché, but the sooner you start revising, the better results you will get.

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